Before embarking on my jewellery education, I never knew that Jewellery could be a transmission bridge between people and life. Contemporary jewellery approach especially debunked my perception of jewellery. Learning jewellery has shaped new visions and directions in my life and I throughly enjoy exploring this way of thinking.


My BA jewellery course explored and challenged the boundaries of the discipline, I was exposed to creative utilisation of different kinds of materials. Combining materials uncommonly associated with accessories and metal to form my pieces. More importantly I have learnt that accessories play a communicational role in people, in our life and can even reflect our society. Thus in my jewellery or object work, I have focused more on the development of the concept as part of the developing process. I am outgoing and love fun and interesting things which shines through my work. I want people to be attracted to my work through the interesting forms and be intrigued by the concepts and meaning behind my piece. With this interaction jewellery can be greater understood and more people would be exposed to interesting forms of jewellery.